Mediation Fees

Current research indicates that family mediation is, on average,  4 times less expensive and 4 times faster (to resolution) than going to Court directly!

Typically, a mediation case covering child contact arrangements only will only require 1 or 2 sessions of mediation before reaching agreement.
A mediation case covering all issues will generally only require 3 sessions of mediation before reaching agreement (although this will depend on the complexity of the case).


There are three services we may charge for:

  1. A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)
  2. Mediation Meeting with the other person
  3. Drafting of an Agreement


The Legal Aid assessment comprises 2 parts

-        Your income and outgoings (the Legal Aid Agency require evidence for this)

-        Your Capital Assets


Eligible for Legal Aid                 Mediation is free

If you are eligible for Legal Aid, there will be no charge for any part of the Service. (evidence for Legal Aid must be provided at the MIAM)


Not Eligible for Legal Aid

At the MIAM, you will be asked to pay £95

Mediation is charged at £130 per hour per person

If you have had financial matters resolved and you require a more detailed summary called a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to reflect your final agreement, the fee for drafting this document is £130 per person.



The fee for the MIAM includes arranging our meeting with you, two letters/emails/phone calls to the other party and issuing Form A or Form C100.

The fee for Mediation includes letters, phone calls to arrange the meeting and a summary of the meeting.

Any further work will be charged.


Our prices include VAT @ 20%